“The more strikingly visual your presentation is, the more people will remember it.
And more importantly, they will remember you.”

Paul Arden

Discover free presentation templates for Google Slides

Design makes information clearer and it’s also a medium for persuasion.
Good visuals will keep the audience engaged and make your points easier to understand.
Create meaningful content, and use these free presentation templates to give your public a beautiful and memorable experience.

Recent free presentation templates

Iras presentation template

Iras is a fun and modern presentation design. Really easy to use, just change the background color in all the slides to adapt the template to your brand. A great design if you want to talk about maths, science or videogames, although it adapts to almost any topic. Use it to enliven the audience and convey a positive and cheerful message.

Yorick presentation template

Yorick is an elegant template that adapts easily to any brand by changing one single color. It works better with fashion, literature, or humanist topics, use it to deliver a clear and professional presentation to your audience.

Marina presentation template

Clean and professional, this theme is designed for professional and business topics. Communicate your serious content with a formal but modern design. Keep the blue background or choose a single color for all slides that matches your brand.

Lucius presentation template

This presentation theme has a jolly and cute design, terrific for keeping the attention of a young (very very young) audience. The text bubble conveys an informal style, and with the extra set of children illustrations you can choose the character that's going to present each slide. It's great to present in front of kids, with education or diversity related topics, and also suitable for NGOs that work with children.

Dumaine presentation template

This template features a really modern and bold design. It is a great slides theme for startups, or to talk about trends, music, videogames, etc. You should use it if you want to leave a mark and make your message stand out from the crowd.

Cerimon presentation template

This template is designed for medical, health or fitness related topics. Human body illustrations are included in a way that can be easily used. The design is clean and simple, very easy to use, and if you want to remove the human body illustrations it would adapt to almost any topic.

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