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Embody elegance with simple PowerPoint presentation templates from our outstanding slides template library, perfect for students, course creators, business owners, graphic designers, freelancers, event planners, marketing executives, and artists.

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Keep it simple, sweetheart. This collection of simple presentation templates is here to support your creative process and educational or business goals, whatever they may be. While each professionally designed theme is truly sensational on its own, personalizing them to suit your needs is a walk in the park. Explore templates for yoga workshops, witchy storybooks, brochures, basketball games, game shows, newsletters, marketing plans, award ceremonies, creative campaigns, book clubs, weddings, memory books, meeting agendas, job descriptions, onboarding guides, business plans, thesis defenses, and more. As soon as you find a worthy match, download your template in Google Slides or lean on Canva’s intuitive editor for even more creative support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a simple PowerPoint presentation?

Keeping things simple is a superpower. But there are different ways to do it. A few ideas:

  • minimize the text on each slide
  • choose a white or black background
  • include only three points max on each slide
  • use animations and illustrations sparingly
  • swap images for words when you can
  • show rather than tell

What to include in a simple PowerPoint presentation?

Depending on your topic and presentation needs, your simple presentation template may include the following slides:

  • Introductory slide: who are you?
  • Overview slide: get viewers excited
  • Story slide: ground your ideas in real life
  • Main slides: your main points
  • Conclusion: final points and summary
  • Call to action: what should viewers do next?

How to make a good simple PowerPoint presentation?

Your presentation goals are unique to you, but here are a few tips for making a simple slideshow:

  • Storytelling: capture hearts and minds
  • Minimalism: don’t overload your viewers
  • Video and sound: a few well-placed effects
  • Powerful quotes: strong statements stick
  • Authenticity: your brand colors and font
  • Action: motivate and move your audience