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Ready, set, pitch! This is an exciting time for your business. Share your passion with a startup PowerPoint template from this sleek collection. Turn heads and get people talking about the sense of possibility you’re bringing to a notoriously tough problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a startup pitch deck?

A startup pitch deck, or slide deck, is a presentation that founders use to pitch their startup to investors in order to raise money. It is an essential part of business planning. A pitch deck can make or break your chances of success as a startup.  

What should be included in a startup PowerPoint slideshow?

Different startup decks prioritize different slides depending on presentation goals, but common slides for a startup PowerPoint presentation include Intro, Team, Problem, Solution, Business Model, Market Analysis, Competitors, Market Opportunity, Traction and Validation, Financials, Mission and Vision, Product, Business Plan, Strategy, Milestones and Accomplishments, and Testimonials.

What makes a good startup presentation slideshow?

First off, make your title slide memorable. Choose an image and a one-liner that will stick in people’s minds, and be sure it captures the essence of your company. How can you tell the story of why your startup is uniquely positioned to solve a problem? The rest of your slide deck should unfold from there.