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Build your following with a free campaign PowerPoint presentation template from our impressive slide templates library, perfect for marketing and sales teams, startup founders, business consultants, local activists, and other…

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Be a Mover and Shaker With Free Campaign Slide Templates

A campaign is only as strong as the people behind it. Your team deserves all the support it can muster, and that also applies to the tools you use to get the job done. Spearhead your next project with a campaign PowerPoint template from this well-curated, inspiring collection. This vibrant library of themes includes layouts for winter, corporate, technology, products, project management, education, business, and other styles.

Experiment with different themes, rearranging layouts, elements, and graphics until you’re satisfied. Once you’re ready, download your chosen template in Google Slides or use Canva’s intuitive editor to rally even more design support. After you apply the finishing touches, you can get back to the moving and shaking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a campaign presentation?

A campaign presentation is a series of slides that shows how you will effect change. That may be effecting change within the context of an organization’s marketing efforts, or effecting social and/or political change. The slideshow should provide an overview of how you’ll put your campaign into place. 

What to include in a campaign presentation?

Make sure you cover the following in your campaign presentation: 

  • Objectives: what are they? 
  • Market segmentation: who is your customer?
  • Value proposition: what makes you unique?
  • Brand positioning: what makes you stand out?
  • Customer journey: what’s your process?
  • Marketing mix: what are your 4 P’s?
  • Analysis and measurement: how will you succeed?

How to make a good campaign presentation?

Here are a few tricks for an effective campaign presentation: use icebreakers to connect with your audience, make your presentation all about your audience’s needs, keep your slides minimal, share data from past campaigns, include testimonials, invite audience feedback, and stay grounded in your passion for the topic.