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Students and seasoned professionals alike can get a headstart on their project with a free red template– designed to grab attention and hold it–from our impressive slide templates library.

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Dazzle the Eye With Free Red Slide Templates

Feeling spicy? This bold collection of red PowerPoint templates will stimulate the senses and pique the interest of your viewers. Whether you’re presenting a school project or spearheading a marketing campaign, all the topics and themes you need are curated in this collection.

Discover templates for 90s retro school skate club, bachelorette parties, Japanese anime, biology lessons, LGBTQ pride, college yearbooks, branding kits, recipe books, food and beverage industry presentations, kids baking workshops, history of ancient India, baby showers, and more. Everyone from students and freelancers to influencers and consultants will find something in this library that speaks their language. Easily download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva to kick off your next project. Edit in any format with Canva’s brilliant editing features.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What PowerPoint presentation is red suitable for?

Red is ideal for presentations involving sports or other exciting events, Christmas and holidays, motivational messages, flowers and art, media and entertainment, and energizing activities. Red has a bad rap for being “alarming” but can be an effective color if it’s combined with softer tones in text, background, or illustrations.

How can you change the color in your presentation without changing the design?

Find the Design tab, then select Variants, Colors, Customize Colors. You can then choose from 12 featured theme colors. To locate the exact shade you want, select More Colors. Once you make your selection, the basic design and layout of your presentation will stay the same but the elements will change their tone.

How do you change the slide color to red in PowerPoint?

To change the background color of a slide to red, hit the Design tab, select Background, choose Solid Fill, then pick red from the gallery. If you want all of your slides to have a red background, click on the Design tab, select Background, then Apply to All.