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Students, freelancers, artists, business owners, entrepreneurs, teachers, and consultants can warm hearts with a free warm template from our impressive slide templates library, fully customizable and ready for your creative…

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Make hearts glow with a warm PowerPoint template from this vibrant collection. These themes are perfect for history lessons, workshop announcements, storybooks and comics, marketing slideshows, beauty products, wellness retreats, fashion presentations, holiday parties, wedding anniversaries, bachelorette parties, greeting cards, and more.

Help your audience get to know you better by customizing the layout, personalizing graphics, and adding your own text. Choose a color scheme and font combination that matches your brand. Get comfortable with different layouts and rearrange slides as you see fit. Play around until you find the template you like best, then download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. In any format, edit in Canva with a flick of the wrist.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are warm colors?

Warm colors are in the red, orange, and yellow part of the color wheel. In contrast to the cooler colors, they are cheerful, inviting, and comforting. Warm colors can also be quite subtle, such as brown or beige earth tones; or rich and bold such as golden tones.

What to include in a warm presentation?

A warm presentation might include the following slides: title slide, intro, summary, main points, conclusion, and contact info. It balances images and text, and uses graphics and animations to light up each slide. On top of that, a warm presentation matches topic and tone: the content itself is warm and inviting.

What makes a good warm presentation?

A warm presentation is one that feels inviting, comforting, or calming. It might use a warm color palette, with a color scheme and font combination that soothes viewers. It might also use heart-warming graphics, such as photos, images, and stickers that stir up tender emotions in your audience.