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Present a marketing campaign, plan an event, share an album with friends and family, or just have fun on a day off with a free winter presentation template from our…

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Free Winter Slide Templates for a Captivating Slideshow

Winter wonderland, winter break, winter sports, winter sales, winter festival, ski holiday, snowy background, winter nature, winter updates, Christmas trees–it’s all here, waiting for your creative touch. Warm spirits and bring cheer to your audience with a winter PowerPoint template from this gorgeous collection. You might be a talented creator looking to beautify your offerings, a marketing executive anticipating the holiday season, or simply find yourself inspired by the warm-hearted winter vibes.

These slides can be a home for anyone, with any creative goal. Enjoy them for personal or professional projects alike. Find the perfect free template and download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva to get started. In any format, you can lean on Canva’s intuitive editor to enhance your design.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add snow effects in a winter PowerPoint template?

Choose your snowflake style and size; select a dark background color for contrast; insert a handful of white, filled-in, circle shapes onto your slide; choose the radial gradient fill type for each snowflake to make it look more realistic; add an animated snow background effect; hit “repeat” for a continuous, falling-snow effect. 

What to include in a winter slide template:

Depending on your theme, a winter template presentation might include slides for holiday events, seasonal updates, marketing campaigns, special offers and deals, album art, trip itineraries, or ideas for festivities and special occasions. Each slide can have a life of its own, with eye-catching elements, icons, stickers, illustrations, and graphics.

What makes a good winter presentation slide presentation?

The best winter presentation slide presentations warm you up even in the dead of winter. Tantalize your audience with a well-organized layout, cheerful illustrations, and graceful text. Aim for a coherent color scheme and font combination. Enhance each slide with winter-themed elements. Add video and audio to amplify your message.