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Showcase your best products and services, offer special seasonal discounts, or create a shareable memory album with a holidays PowerPoint template from our impressive slide templates for free.

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Special occasions call for special events and offerings. Whether you’re a business owner, startup founder, artist, consultant, student, marketing and social media expert, or simply the person who does the organizing in your community, this collection of holidays PowerPoint templates has your back. Find themes for Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, fall, winter, spring, summer. Work out your thoughts in private before you go public, or use your template to host a workshop or training. Design a photo album, recipe book, or guide. Upload your brand colors and logo. Once you settle on a theme, hit download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. In any format, you can use Canva’s intuitive editor for creative support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a holidays presentation?

Making a presentation for the holidays means getting your audience into the spirit with a series of inspiring slides. This requires planning out your message, considering how you want your audience to respond, and choosing the right template to showcase all your creative ideas. Finally, prepare your talking points.

What to include in a holidays presentation?

Depending on your topic and presentation needs, your holidays presentation template may include the following slides:

  • Title or intro slide: which holiday?
  • Overview slide: what’s your topic?
  • Main slides: all your creative ideas
  • Event details: when, where, and who?
  • Call to action: how can your audience help?

How to make a good holidays presentation?

A good holidays presentation feels inviting, comforting, or inspiring. It might use a warm or cheerful color palette, with golds, silvers, reds, and greens. Try out heart-warming graphics, such as photos, images, and stickers that stir up sentimental emotions in your audience.