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Present lesson plans, class projects, research reports, thesis defenses, and more with lively history presentation templates you can customize from our impressive slide templates library for free.

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Medieval Europe, Ancient China, feudal Japan–whatever your time period, there’s a template for it in this stunning collection. Cruise through the annals of culture and context with lively slides that drive your points home and spark curiosity in learners. Use the search tool to find your template match and launch into the creative process. Each professionally designed layout can be customized according to color scheme and font combination. Add timelines, images, illustrations, and charts.

This collection is perfect for teachers and students looking to connect on a deeper level with their audience. Plan out lessons, homework assignments, class projects, and lectures. You can easily download each template in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva and get started in seconds. Use Canva’s intuitive editor to customize your template.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to do a presentation about history:

You know the facts. Now, how do you convey them in a way that sinks in? Move and motivate your students with a nimble combo of information, storytelling, and imagery. Help them visualize the past, contextualize the present, and dream up the future with a memorable history template.

What should be included in a history PowerPoint presentation?

Once you’ve chosen your topic, select a history template that gives you the right balance of structure and  creative freedom. A history presentation may include the following:

  • Clear introduction with overview of points to be covered
  • Coherent flow of topics, arguments, or summaries
  • Historical detail, accuracy, and examples
  • Conclusion that summarizes main points and poses questions
  • Engaging images, illustrations, timelines, and other graphics

What makes a good history slideshow presentation?

Essentially, a good history presentation makes time travel possible. Transport your students to Ancient Rome or bring the Civil Rights Movement into stark clarity by highlighting the most poignant turning points throughout history. A good structure is key: communicate the facts as you tell a compelling story. Give it a beginning, middle, and end. Make it visually appealing along the way.