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Are you the professional you want to be? Share your gifts with the world, hone your skills, or move in a new direction with this collection of free professional templates. Professionally designed and ready to launch you into the spotlight, these templates can adapt to your needs. Discover themes for a wide range of niche topics: cybersecurity agencies, gaming, ecological workshops, real estate marketing plans, nonfiction film pitch decks, pharmacy technician resumes, pop music festivals, vlogging portfolio, outdoor weddings, mental health awareness, Korean beauty products, and more. In a few easy clicks, download your template in Google Slides or lean on Canva’s intuitive editor for even more creative support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a professional presentation?

To break the ice and get the ball rolling, consider the following:

  • Pose a thought-provoking question
  • Take a poll from the audience
  • Share a surprising statistic or fact
  • Use a metaphor or story to make it stick
  • Present a powerful quote or statement
  • Role play a scene to introduce your topic

What to include in a professional presentation?

Depending on your topic and presentation needs, your professional presentation template may include the following slides:

  • Title or intro slide: who are you?
  • Table of contents: get viewers excited
  • Timeline: when, where, and how?
  • Section titles and stories: your main points
  • Statements and quotes: who said what?

How to make a good professional presentation?

Your presentation goals are unique to you, but here are a few tips for making an effective professional slideshow:

  • Storytelling: who, what, and when?
  • Interactive elements: keep things surprising
  • Visual aids: sensational elements and graphics
  • Keep it minimal: balance text with images
  • Powerful quotes: say it like you mean it
  • Video and sound: a few well-placed effects