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Students and seasoned professionals alike can spearhead their next project with a free black PowerPoint template–designed to turn heads and create some buzz–from our impressive slide templates library.

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Explore Free Black Presentation Templates

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Set the Tone With a Free Black Slide Template

Black is back. Oh, wait–it never left. Timeless, classy, and versatile, these black PowerPoint templates can suit any project or purpose. Find themes for vlogging, student council, pitch decks, anime and manga, college lesson plans, tattoo artist, middle ages history lessons, real estate, event planning, weddings, thesis defense, natural disaster rescue programs, science museum field trips, fashion apps, coding workshops, aesthetic newsletters, tech careers, and more. These templates are perfect for students, freelancers, executives, artists, teachers, influencers, course creators, and coaches. Once you choose a theme, download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. In any format, you can use Canva’s intuitive editor for creative support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change the slide color to black in PowerPoint?

To change the background color of a slide to black, hit the Design tab, select Background, choose Solid Fill, then pick black from the gallery. If you want all of your slides to have a black background, click on the Design tab, select Background, then Apply to All.

How can you change the color in your presentation without changing the design?

Find the Design tab, then select Variants, Colors, Customize Colors. You can then choose from 12 featured theme colors. To locate the exact shade you want, select More Colors. Once you make your selection, the basic design and layout of your presentation will stay the same but the elements will change their tone.

What presentation is black suitable for?

Black slideshow presentations are great for topics related to technology, business, artificial intelligence, furniture and home decor, cinema and film, holiday parties, winter events, witchy workshops, storybooks, jazz festivals, astronomy and space lesson plans, and startup pitch decks. Black is classy, understated, and great for keeping things minimal or adding splashes of color.