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Artists, students, agencies, influencers, consultants, course instructors, designers, and everyone else with a clear vision can light up their audience with a free neon template from our impressive slide templates…

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Create a Buzz With Free Neon Slide Templates

Now more than ever, it takes creativity to stand out. At the same time, a little buzz can go a long way. These neon PowerPoint templates will send you sailing into the next frontier of inspiration. Use them for every kind of project, including futuristic tech, robotic automation, artificial intelligence, gaming, thesis defenses, conferences, newsletters, informational presentations, artistic portfolios, special events, and so much more.

Fully customizable and ready for your creative touch, this collection is perfect for students and seasoned professionals in all walks of life. In a single click, you can download the template you like best in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. Use Canva’s intuitive editor to make the journey even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make neon effects in PowerPoint?

To create neon effects in PowerPoint, simply highlight your text, click Animation, Add Animation, Appear, open the Animation Pane, click Effect Options, Animate Text, By Letter. The result will then be a neon sign effect for the text you’ve highlighted, which you can apply to your whole presentation or customize for each slide. 

What to include in a neon PowerPoint presentation?

Depending on what kind of presentation you’ve putting together, your neon PowerPoint template might include the following:

  • Intro slide: what are you presenting about?
  • Event details: what, when, and where?
  • Graphics: photos, images, illustrations
  • Team: anyone else involved in the project
  • RSVP: contact details and social media info

How to make a good neon PowerPoint presentation?

You might want to engage your audience and keep attendance numbers high, or you might just be sharing a fun idea with friends and family. Whatever your goals, here are a few ways to make a good neon PowerPoint slideshow: 

  • Create neon letter effects
  • Keep the text minimal and easy to read
  • Use a dark background for contrast
  • Add animation effects to catch the eye
  • Use video and audio clips where appropriate