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Graphic designers, artists, gamers, freelancers, and all other creatives will appreciate these free violet presentation templates from our impressive slide templates library, teeming with customizable layouts to suit your needs.

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Burst Onto the Scene With Free Violet Slide Templates

There’s something about purple–violet specifically. It’s got that feminine, mystical, edgy vibe that conjures up images of unicorns and crystals. This stunning collection of violet PowerPoint templates includes themes for storybooks, music albums, Mardi Gras, music lessons, high school and college subjects, employee handbooks, vlogs, thesis defenses, HR webinars, LQBTQ pride, data consulting, tech, winter sports, corporate roadmaps, project management, and more.

Stand out and please the eye with a professionally designed violet template from this stack, fully customizable and ready for your unique touch. Once you find your match, download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva in a few seconds. In any format, use Canva’s intuitive editor to get immersed in the flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What PowerPoint presentation is violet suitable for?

Violet is a great color for presentations meant to capture attention while soothing your audience. Brighter shades can energize and inspire, while cooler pastel tones can relax and inform. Depending on your message and goals, you can use violet to create a specific feeling in your audience. This unique color immediately stands out and draws people in.

How can you change the color in your presentation without changing the design?

Find the Design tab, then select Variants, Colors, Customize Colors. You can then choose from 12 featured theme colors. To locate the exact shade you want, select More Colors. Once you make your selection, the basic design and layout of your presentation will stay the same but the elements will change their tone.

How do you change the slide color to violet in PowerPoint?

To change the background color of a slide to violet, hit the Design tab, select Background, choose Solid Fill, then pick violet from the gallery. If you want all of your slides to have a violet background, click on the Design tab, select Background, then Apply to All.