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Whether you’re a dedicated student, savvy professional, or influencer extraordinaire, beautify your next project with a free floral template from our impressive slide templates library.

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Free Floral Slide Templates for a Beautiful Slideshow

Feel more connected to nature with a floral PowerPoint template from this stunning collection. These slides can support you in a wide range of professional and personal projects, including wedding announcements, florist presentations, greeting cards, marketing plans, thesis defenses, field trips, vacation itineraries, educational presentations, product launches, mental health and wellness presentations, and more.

Students, consultants, freelancers, artists, communications professionals, and just about everyone else will find a match in this collection. Once you hit download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva, you can start personalizing your template and get it in top shape in a few minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you insert flowers into a PowerPoint presentation?

Starting with a blank slide, insert an oval shape, add a gradient, create a duplicate oval and reduce the size so that you can move it into the bigger oval, rotate the smaller oval 180 degrees, and repeat for as many petals as you’d like your flower to have. 

What should be included in a floral PowerPoint slideshow?

To experiment with a floral slideshow theme, you can insert elements like vibrant flower images, floral patterns as backgrounds, botanical illustrations, floral borders or frames for your slides, and even photos of real flowers to add some realism to your design. Experiment with different styles and textures until you’re satisfied.  

What makes a good floral PowerPoint slideshow?

A good floral PowerPoint presentation supports your message while pleasing the eye. Try to keep the style cohesive throughout your slides by balancing images, text, photos, illustrations, and other graphics with stylish floral elements. Experiment with a color scheme and font combo until you’re satisfied.