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Create a timeless feeling with free vintage PowerPoint presentation templates from our impressive slide templates library, perfect for students, course creators, historians, graphic designers, freelancers, event planners, and artists.

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Explore Free Vintage Presentation Templates

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Keep It Classic With Free Vintage Slide Templates

Step into a different time and a different world. It’s easy to transport your audience when you’ve got a professionally designed vintage template on hand. These vintage PowerPoint templates can be used for Medieval storybooks, archaeology presentations, history lessons, stamp collections, travel albums, memory books, family histories, bio presentations, group projects, vintage fairytale storybooks, consulting toolkits, hospitality and tourism presentations, anniversaries, weddings, family reunions, vintage geography maps, Renaissance art, thesis defenses, and more.

Play around with a few templates before you settle on one, rearranging slides and changing up the color scheme and font combo. To get started, download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. Kick things off in any format using Canva’s intuitive editor.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vintage presentation?

A vintage PowerPoint template presentation is a slideshow with an old-timey feel. The background of a vintage presentation often has a faded paper feel, like a tattered old map. The font might be curly, elegant, and black like calligraphy. Old images and photos will typically be included.

What to include in a vintage presentation?

Depending on your topic and presentation needs, your vintage PowerPoint template presentation may include the following slides:

  • Title or intro slide: who are you?
  • Table of contents: get viewers excited
  • Timeline: when, where, and how?
  • Section titles and stories: your main points
  • Statements and quotes: who said what?

How to make a good vintage presentation?

Here are a few tips for creating an effective vintage slideshow:

  • Choose a memorable template: the right template goes a long way
  • Use strong visual elements: images, charts, and graphs
  • Keep text minimal: don’t crowd your slides 
  • Add old photographs, vintage typography, antique frames, and faded backgrounds