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Practicing lawyers, judges, politicians, students, and teachers alike will find a solution to their presentation needs with a free law and justice presentation template from our impressive slide templates library.

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Inspire deeper understanding and lasting action with a presentation that speaks for itself. This collection of law PowerPoint templates includes layouts that range from classic minimalist to animated and inviting. Find vibrant green, purple hexagon, stylish triangles, simple red frames, and more.

All themes are professionally designed and ready for your ideas. Don’t be surprised if you find that the template itself already does half the job for you–that’s what it’s designed to do. Once you’re ready to dive in and fill out each slide, you can easily download your template in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. Breeze through your project with Canva’s intuitive editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between law and justice?

Law is an established set of rules governing the conduct of a people, while justice works to maintain fairness, equity, and righteousness based on moral judgment. The two systems work together to uphold the values of a society. There is a wide range of study programs and careers in law and justice.

What to include in a law and justice PowerPoint slideshow:

Your law PowerPoint presentation may include slides about the legal system, what’s involved in a court case, the basic concepts of the judicial system, law terminology, information about your firm, team bios and backgrounds, services offered, case studies and testimonials, company process and approach, and contact information.

How do you make a legal presentation interesting?

Depending on your presentation goals, you’ll want to prioritize certain style choices over others. A good law PowerPoint presentation might follow these rules:

  • Don’t be generic: permit yourself to be creative
  • Make your images pop: bring your slides to life
  • Pick a memorable title: what’s the story?
  • Carefully chosen font: unique but easy to read 
  • No cheesy clipart: quality graphics only 
  • Variety of visuals: video, audio clips, animations