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Students, teachers, freelancers, consultants, educators, and anyone else can share their vision with a free infographic presentation template from our impressive slide templates library, teeming with customizable layouts to suit…

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Stay Informed With Free Infographic Slide Templates

In our age of information overload, sharing information quickly and clearly is more crucial than ever. Instantly connect with your audience and keep them in the loop with a slideshow from this stunning collection of infographic PowerPoint templates. Business leaders, teachers, students, data scientists, and other professionals can find a match here, whether it’s to organize their thoughts in private or make a public presentation. Explore themes for elevator pitch infographics, minimalist infographic design, business, history, project management, beauty salon, education, e-learning, STEM, geometry, and more. As soon as you find what you’re looking for, simply download your template in Google Slides or lean on Canva’s intuitive editor for even more creative support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create infographics?

Here are a few tips for creating an infographic:

  • Research and settle on an infographic template.
  • Set intentions and goals for your infographic.
  • Identify the target audience for your infographic.
  • Collect relevant data to include in your infographic.
  • Download your template to PowerPoint or Canva.
  • Personalize your infographic layout.
  • Don’t forget to add a footer with your sources.

What to include in an infographic presentation?

There are many types of infographics. You could choose an informational infographic, list infographic, comparison infographic, anatomical infographic, data infographic, statistical infographic, geographic infographic, process, flowchart, or timeline. The right format will depend on your data dimensions and presentation goals. Know your data before you visualize it.

How to make a good infographic presentation?

Your presentation goals are unique to you, but here are a few tips for making an effective infographic slideshow:

  • Storytelling: tell a story with data and information
  • Clear flow of info: choose the right format for your data
  • Be accurate: don’t cut corners during analysis
  • Know your data: qualitative or quantitative?
  • Keep it minimal: don’t go crazy with the graphics
  • Cite your sources: be sure to include references