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Students, teachers, course creators, freelancers, founders, small business owners, and other creative professionals can light up the masses with these free inspirational presentation templates from our impressive slide templates library.

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Create Magic With Free Inspirational Slide Templates

An inspiring presentation has an inspired team of humans behind it. When brilliant minds and big hearts come together to create something the world didn’t know it needed until that thing appeared, that’s when true magic happens. Your next presentation can channel that same vibe.

Browse through this well-curated collection of inspirational PowerPoint templates for every project theme imaginable, including Black history, sustainable farming, futuristic tech, Indigenous cultures, greeting cards, mental health presentations, wellness retreats, floral resumes, gardens and rainbows, food and cooking, magic forests, and green cities. To kick off your creative process, download this template in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. Lean on Canva’s intuitive editor for support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 elements of a powerful presentation?

A powerful presentation is often synonymous with an inspiring presentation. You may pick and choose what works for you, but the seven elements of a powerful presentation are generally as follows: clear and concise messaging, an engaging opening, strong visuals, effective storytelling, audience interaction, confident delivery, and a memorable closing.

What to include in an inspiring presentation?

The right template can make a big difference, but nuts and bolts are important too. With that in mind, your presentation might include the following basic slides: 

  • Title slide: make it count
  • Intro slide: who are you?
  • Summary: what’s the topic?
  • Main points: state your case
  • Closing: Thank you and contact info

How to make an inspiring presentation?

Although you are the real magic in the equation, a few things can boost the inspiration factor:

  • A visual design that tells a story
  • Bright, captivating images and illustrations
  • Graphics such as charts, lines, stickers, and shapes
  • Photos from your own life or a past project
  • Animation effects and multimedia clips