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Nail your strategy, present confidently, and rock your sales pitch with a free sales presentation template from our impressive slide templates library, packed with customizable layouts to suit your needs.

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Free Sales Slide Templates for an Engaging Slideshow

Good sales pitches tell a story. That’s why we’ve curated a wide selection of sales presentation templates that will support you along the way as you connect with your audience. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse array of layouts for every imaginable topic, from investing and real estate to marketing plan and consulting.

Choose from sales presentation PowerPoint templates in vivid primary colors, calming pastel shades, classic white and gray, or perky geometric patterns. Browse the collection and find your perfect match, whether you’re a freelance consultant, startup founder, social entrepreneur, or company employee. Download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva in a few seconds and launch your sales journey. Easily edit your template in any format with Canva’s editing tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 steps of sales presentations?

Research has found that many successful sales cycles follow four steps: ease, ask, solve, execute (EASE).  

  • Earn the right: establish trust first   
  • Ask the appropriate questions: know what your client needs
  • Solve the problem: be the best person to meet those needs
  • Execute the solution: have a clear course of action

What should a sales presentation include?

Depending on your industry and sales goals, your slide deck will look different. A typical sales presentation might include the following:

  • Cover slide
  • Intro to product and market
  • Pain points for customers
  • Products and services
  • Unique selling point
  • Value proposition
  • Market analysis
  • Data and infographics
  • Finance plan
  • Closing and thanks

How do you make a good sales PowerPoint presentation?

A good sales presentation might include the following:

  • Memorable cover slide: instantly convey who you are
  • Value proposition: what unique value do you provide?
  • Powerful story: make it personal and relatable 
  • Enticing solution: clearly link problem to solution
  • Proofs: share testimonials and data
  • Call-to-action: make it simple and actionable