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Present a sales pitch, introduce new products and services, or apply for your next opportunity with a professionally designed proposal presentation template you can customize from our impressive slide templates…

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Inspire Your Audience With Free Proposal Presentation Slides

Know how to solve a problem better than anyone else? Choose a slide deck to prove it. In this diverse collection, you’ll find templates for project proposals, business proposals, grant applications, and more. Once you’ve done your research and feel ready to present your findings, select a layout and experiment with different color schemes and font combinations.

Stand out with engaging photos, images, and other graphics. Meet your audience where they’re at with customizable brand colors and logos. These proposal PowerPoint templates are perfect for professionals who want to gain an edge on the competition. Download in Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva to kick off the next phase in your project journey. Edit in any format with Canva’s intuitive editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of a proposal presentation?

Different proposals have different formats. For general project proposals, the typical format is as follows:

  • Cover slide with project name
  • Table of contents
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Deliverables and success criteria
  • Project management strategy
  • Budget
  • Project requirements
  • Timeline
  • Conclusion
  • Thank you

What should be included in a proposal PowerPoint template?

Proposal PowerPoint templates can usually be customized to include slides for a Title Page, Project Overview, Executive Summary, Methodology, and Pricing. You may also want to add social proof such as customer testimonials and case study summaries. Avoid generic, static slide decks and instead use dynamic, interactive elements to increase engagement.

What makes a good proposal presentation?

A good proposal presentation combines a compelling storyline with data-driven ideas in a visually enticing way. It typically includes the following:

  • Intro to you and your company 
  • The problem your customer is facing
  • The solution your company offers to that problem
  • How your company will successfully implement the solution
  • What resource are required to implement the solution