Ideal for educators who want to bring modern design to their teaching materials, this colorful and engaging calendar will make scheduling tasks, tagging dates and organizing educational events a breeze!

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Immerse your audience in the spirit of Fall with these modern and aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint and Google Slides templates. Rendered in a vibrant orange hue, these templates are ideal for educators aiming to inspire students this new school season. Make educational discussions more engaging and action-packed. Bring a 3D dimension to your teaching resources like never before. This modern style and refreshing color will certainly appeal to the visual learners in your class. Unleash the power of PowerPoint and Google Slides with these templates today!

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  • Make educational discussions more engaging and action-packed.
  • 選択肢として数百のチャート、フレーム、線、形があります
  • 各スライドに便利なアニメーションとトランジション機能
  • 幅広い形式での簡単なダウンロードや共有


  • このテンプレートで使用されている要素のライセンス制限のため、このテンプレートはCanvaからのみ利用可能です。
  • Page animation features, emojis, color palettes and font sets
  • ページのアニメーション機能、絵文字、カラーパレット、フォントセット
  • Watercolor Hawaiian Lei Day
  • デザインに話し合いのポイントを追加するためのノート機能
  • Searchable videos, soundtracks and other audio clips
  • Easy collaboration with friends, coworkers and family

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